Leather Purses

Written by Tara Peris
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Leather purses come in every conceivable style, shape, and color, allowing them to function as both wardrobe staples and fun fashion accessories. Whether you opt for a single bag to take everywhere or choose multiple seasonal purses, it's worth investing in at least one good leather purse. It will stand the test of time and provide a worthy domicile for your most valued possessions.

Home Away from Home

A woman's purse is her second home. It can take many forms and styles depending on personal preference. However, for just about every woman, a purse is a constant companion and a habitat for all that is held dear. Whether it contains only a wallet and cell phone or everything including the proverbial sink, you can be assured it is a treasured possession.

Given its importance, it makes sense to invest in a good leather purse. Although you may opt for trendy, of-the-moment fabric designs from time to time, every woman needs one or two staple handbags. These purses should be able to go the distance. They are the investment pieces that you'll use for some time and are the bags you'll carry straight from the office for a night on the town.

Some designs are more amenable to this kind of long-term versatility than others. Look for classic shapes and high quality fabrics to ensure the staying power of your bag and be sure to treat your leather with a good sealant before using a new purse. With proper care, a good leather handbag should last a lifetime.

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