Luxury Gift Ideas

Written by Tara Peris
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Luxury gift ideas have evolved in recent years to include some truly decadent and extravagant items. No longer confined to traditional items like watches and cuff links, the market for upscale gifts has expanded rapidly, with an array of creative, often whimsical, new offerings emerging each year. If you are looking for a tasteful gift for someone with discriminating tastes, you have endless options from which to choose.

In Pursuit of La Dolce Vita

It used to be the case that luxury gift items were more or less synonymous with jewelry. From top-of-the-line watches to tennis bracelets and rings, men and women both gave and received jewelry on special occasions. Although this remains a perennial favorite no doubt because of its timeless appeal, there are a number of equally worthwhile options to consider.

One such option is cashmere. Known for its soft, comforting touch, you can now find just about anything in cashmere. Indeed, from throw blankets and pillows to socks and underwear, cashmere seems to be everywhere these days. Yes, friend, we said underwear. There's really nothing you can't find in this fabric and it is the ultimate in indulgence and luxury. To be sure, cashmere products always go over well because of their elegance, quality, and enjoyable feel.

Other popular options include upscale accessories. Again, jewelry is not your only option here. Think alligator wallets and handbags or ostrich checkbook covers. Consider an elegant leather belt or a monogrammed briefcase. These items will get ample use and make your gift investment well worthwhile.

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