Metal Clip Money Holders

Written by Josh Dodes
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Metal clip money holders have undergone virtually no significant design changes in the generations that they have been on the market. Fundamentally, all metal money clips provide a strong, solid clip under which to fold and store bills, and very little else. But what if your money clip could do more?

That very question has led some of the best designers in the field to introduce a remarkable new advance in money clips. Recognizing that even the best money clips have largely overlooked the ever-growing number of credit, ATM, and ID cards that we all carry, these designers have created an all-in-one solution. The resulting auto credit card holders and money clip combinations represent nothing short of a revolution in the way that men and women alike can organize their personal finances.

Metal Clip Money Holders and More

These innovative metal clip money holders integrate classic clip design with a series of secure, discrete slots for individual credit cards. Consumers simply slide their various cards into clearly demarcated slots, and at the push of a button, they can instantly retrieve only the card they need. So whether a transaction requires cash, a credit card, or some combination of bills and ID, you can literally perform even the most complicated transaction with one hand.

The best attribute of these new money holders may be the one most easily taken for granted: their lightweight design and compact size. Indeed, the best of these next-generation wallets fit in any pocket or purse, and weigh less than four ounces! With such a remarkable innovation in such a small package at such an affordable price, why would you settle for anything less?

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