Umbrella Stands

Written by Tara Peris
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Umbrella stands are among the few household items that function as both decorative pieces and truly useful accessories. Tucked graciously in the corner of a foyer, living room, or laundry porch, they add a homey touch to any room they enter. A variety of new shapes, sizes, and designs mean that there is something suitable for every home décor.

New Trends in Umbrella Stands

Most umbrella stands are cylindrical pottery pieces that allow umbrellas to be tucked away discreetly after a day of use. Many of them are painted with intricate designs, from trademark Ming Dynasty patterns to Aztec and Southwestern designs. This basic format makes it easy to find stands for just about any setting because the painting and adornment come in so many different styles.

Recently, umbrella stands have begun to show up in new shapes and sizes. Many hat racks, for example, have hooks and compartments at the bottom to accommodate umbrellas and other smaller items. Although these wood or wrought iron designs are not likely to keep the floor dry should you return a wet umbrella to the stands, they do look very attractive and provide a nice counterpart to traditional favorites.

The best umbrella stands are those that are works of art in their own right. Textures are hot, such as wood or animal skin, and craftsmanship is the bottom line. For a splurge or a truly extravagant (yet still functional) gift, unique umbrella stands provide an option that stands out from the rest.

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