Unique Business Card Holders

Written by Josh Dodes
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There was a time when "unique business card holders" meant those that exhibited minor cosmetic variations, but few functional ones. Fundamentally, card holders were all the same. In a world when business cards were among the only cards the average consumer carried, that made a certain amount of sense.

However, today's consumer is likely to carry a full complement of credit and ID cards in addition to their business card. As such, the notion of a business card holder that fails to incorporate these other cards seems somewhat pointless. Fortunately, a handful of innovative designers have recently introduced an interesting solution.

Functionally Unique Business Card Holders

These designers have brought to market a series of functionally unique business card holders for the modern businessperson. Combining the elegance and accessibility of yesterday's business card holder with a remarkable new variety of auto credit card holders, these forward-looking developers have engineered a completely novel solution. For the first time, you can use the same stylish device to produce your business card, your security ID, or all manner of credit cards.

When you can perform all of those tasks with a single attractive device, why would you clutter your pockets or purse with several? It is no wonder that discerning businesspeople everywhere have come to the same conclusion. Isn't it time you considered an efficient solution that consumers and businesspeople of so many different persuasions can agree upon?

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