Unique Money Clip

Written by Josh Dodes
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Until recently, unique money clips were those that were shaped or molded differently from others. While these money clip wallets may have been formally distinctive, they were far less likely to represent any significant functional advance. Of course, in a world dominated by cash, the notion of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" may have been apropos.

That world, however, is long gone. The simple fact is that American consumers now carry more credit, ATM, and ID cards than ever before imagined. Money clips that do not take this card explosion into account are no longer classic, but rather anachronistic.

A Unique Money Clip for the 21st Century

Fortunately, a few top companies have recently introduced unique money clips that are more appropriate for a plastic-oriented world. These new clips combine the old-world elegance of the sturdy metal clip with a distinctly new-world credit card holder of no less elegance. Each card is allocated its own spot in this novel holder, in which it is securely held until you access it with the push of the corresponding button.

Yesterday's organizational tools will no longer do. You transact your business in a world as dominated by plastic as yesterday's was by cash. Isn't it time you brought your transactions and your means of conducting transactions into the same era?

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