Western Belts

Written by Tara Peris
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Western belts have made a comeback in recent years, as the influence of the Wild West has hit the runways yet again. They have appeared in a host of new designer collections, and along with cowboy boots, are a must have accessory for any wardrobe. Simultaneously contemporary and classic, Western belts and accessories are bound to get plenty of use.

Go West

America loves its cowboy roots. From our penchant for Western films to our love of pick-up trucks and outdoor adventure, we are a society enamored by the spirit of the Wild West. Nowhere is this more evident than in our fascination with Western fashions.

You don't have to go to Texas or tour the Southwest to see more than your share of Western belts and accessories. These days, a simple night on the town is likely to spot you a few unique cowboy belts and more boots than you can shake a stick at. Whether paired together for a decidedly Western look or used in isolation as distinctive accent pieces, these items always attract more than their fair share of attention.

If you're looking to venture into new fashion territory, a Western belt is a great place to start. The unique styles and materials work well with many wardrobes, and the belts can be dressed up or down according to need. When chosen wisely, a good Western belt is something that will stay the course of changing fashion trends and earn its place as a favorite accessory item.

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