Wholesale Designer Handbags

Written by Tara Peris
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One of the best ways to get a good price on a designer handbag is to look for a wholesale distributor. In an industry where the middleman takes a hefty cut of just about everything, it makes sense to trim costs wherever you can. With several reputable wholesale vendors now working online, it's never been easier to find a luxury bag at a price you can afford.

Straight to the Source

Prices always rise when you go through a middleman. It's how he makes a profit, you see. Nowhere is this truer than with designer handbags. When you buy from an upscale department store or a fancy boutique, you are paying not only for the label on your bag, but for the label at the door. It's hiking up an already hefty price.

Why not dispense with this rubbish altogether? There are a number of trustworthy wholesalers who specialize in top-of-the-line merchandise. With just a little bit of legwork, you can get the bag you've been eyeing without being blinded by the high price.

Of course, the trick is to make sure you buy from a trustworthy source. The best sites will let you know right away if you are buying a replica or not. Keep in mind, however, that even a discount price on a designer or replica bag is likely to cost you some money. If you are gong to shell out the money, be sure that you are getting real leather (or ostrich or alligator).

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