Brazilian Bikinis

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The Brazilians may not have technically invented the bikini, but they have definitely assumed ownership of the evolution of bikinis. The term bikini in the United States is loosely applied to all two-piece suits, but in Brazil, bikini connotes a whole different thing. Bikinis in Brazil are truly "itsy bitsy teenie weenie."

Types of Brazilian Bikinis

On a trip to the beaches of Brazil you will immediately be greeted by the tanga and the "fio dental." "Fio dental" is Portuguese for "dental floss" and it refers to the bikinis that are made from little more than string and leave nothing to the imagination. These suits are also called G-string bikinis. Tanga bikinis are nearly as skimpy, but there is a tiny bit more material in the bikini bottom. Brazilian bottoms that are not thongs are a sexy alternative to baring it all. The material on the bottom is cut narrower than the average bikini bottom, but it still offers some degree of coverage.

Brazilian bikinis can be found in a variety of different eye catching materials. Some of the more flamboyant might be made out of a metallic fabric or even a see-through mesh material. There are some that are made from lycra and others might even be crocheted. The designs of these suits are really quite creative.

While these skimpy suits are regularly seen on the beaches of Brazil and other foreign countries, they are not as typical on the beaches of the United States. So, if you really want all eyes on you, wearing a Brazilian bikini is a surefire way to get them. It might be a good idea to stay off the family beaches or beaches in small towns, however, as these suits are so hot they might get you arrested.

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