Brazilian Fashion Designers

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Brazil's Uniqueness

For hundreds of years Brazil has been influenced by a melting pot of cultures coming and going from this hot Latin country. The rich diversity of ideas and influences have meant that Brazil has always been unique. Known for being ready to express their emotions and feelings in ways not seen elsewhere, even in other Latin countries, Brazilians are now taking the fashion world by storm.

Brazilian fashion designers have, for decades, emulated the top fashion designers the world over. But in the last few years, subtle but very significant changes have been taking place. Suddenly, Brazilian fashion designers have come into their own in a big way. Highly original designs of their own are setting trends everywhere. Though they're not quite ready to kick Paris designers off the runway, they should now be taken very seriously indeed.

Top Brazilian Fashion Designers

The clothes designed by Brazilian fashion designers are particularly hot with the younger generation, who love the raw sensuality that Brazilian fashion brings. Whether jeans, or high fashion lace creations, you can look and feel a million dollars when you let Brazilian fashion designers dress you. Whatever kind of fashion you prefer you'll love the Brazilian interpretation for sure!

If you're interested in learning a little about Brazilian fashion designers, we suggest you become familiar with a major Brazilian fashion event. Twice a year you can attend the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, where you'll be able to see the best of what's on offer. Don't miss this event to learn about the top Brazilian fashion designers and their work.

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