Chip Bikinis

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Chip bikinis may possibly be the sexiest bikinis ever designed. From afar these bikinis appear to be no more than strategically placed pieces of fabric. In fact, they are string bikinis with the fabric part attached to clear elastic strings that are invisible to the eye. This creates the illusion that the fabric is suspended in all the right places.

Odds are you are not going to see bikinis like these on the beach. The tops resemble pasties more than bikini tops, and from the back the bottoms are totally uncovered. There are a few that have a little more material for coverage, but even these are better suited to the adult entertainment world or the privacy of your own home. They are, however, sure to be appreciated by anyone who has the pleasure of seeing them.

Chip Bikinis Come in Great Variety

These suits are great for those who like to celebrate the holidays with some x-rated fun. They come in a variety of different shapes and styles. For the Fourth of July there are flag chips. For Christmas there are Christmas trees and other holiday designs. One of the most popular designs is the red heart for Valentine's Day.

These suits are so small that they could even be worn underneath another suit. In a striptease, they are a great surprise final layer. Unlike pasties, they require no adhesive and are easily and painlessly removed. For those who don't want to get totally nude, these suits are a great option. They are fun and funky, but still provide some coverage.

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