Cupless Bikinis

Written by Christa Gatewood
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If you are looking for something to wear that is truly risqué, a cupless bikini might be the perfect option. A cupless bikini is one in which the breast is exposed. There is either no material covering the breast at all, or there is so little material that the breast is visible. This term does not refer to mesh bikinis because even though the breast is visible, it is technically covered.

Cupless bikinis come in a variety of different shapes and styles. They may be the cage bikini type in which strings are shaped around the breast like a cage, or they may have a more bustier-like shape with the cups removed. Some are made from lycra and others are made from leather or vinyl. They can be found in a variety of colors, patterns and themes.

Uses for Cupless Bikinis

If you are interested in cupless bikinis, odds are you are not looking for a new bathing suit. These bikinis are better suited for adult entertainment. Though some may be seduced by the more demure outfits, many people find less is better.

Cupless bikinis and any cupless lingerie for that matter are great pieces to spice up a love life. Being with the same person for a long time can cause a serious passion vacuum. In times like those, you need to bring in the big dogs. Nothing says, "Take me!" like a cupless bikini. In fact, these bikinis have no practical value at all. They don't support or contour. They are simply created for aesthetic delight. In that regard, they do not disappoint.

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