Dance Pants

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Scoop on Dance Pants

What are dance pants? Simply the best thing you ever wore to go dancing in, that's what! Like anything else in women's fashion, there are many makes and just as many different styles of dance pants. We'd say that the best ones though, are those with enough fabric at the bottom to translate your movement, and tight enough at the top to become fluid; at one with your body.

Some of us are dancing in the leggings that professional dancers wear, but the new sensuous fabrics and fluid shapes coming from the Brazilian designers really have it all as far as we're concerned. You can't do better than Brazilian dance pants! You'll be sure to get all the attention you want on the dance floor with the new low rise styles!

Dance Pants For Dancing and Everything Else!

Dance pants are not just for dancing though. Not by a long shot! You'll love the way they look so much that we predict you'll wan to buy several pairs in different colors to wear wherever you go. Attractive, sensuous and above all, comfortable, they'll make you feel all woman, all of the time!

Your man just won't be able to resist you in dance pants. Come to that, no man will be able to resist you in dance pants! Since you can wear them anytime, anywhere, why limit the effect? Why wear anything else? You'll love the new Brazilian dance pants!

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