Designer Sarees And Guide To Drape Them

Written by kanchan
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Sarees or saris are perhaps the most beautiful costumes for Indian women. They are traditional Indian garments worn by most of women in India.

Women in India wear sarees in different ways and styles. With the time change the wearing styles of sarees also have been changed. Traditional saris have been replaced with designer saris. Women of younger generation love to wear stylish and designer saris. Demand of designer saris have been increased in the market today.

Before few years, women wore traditional saris with full sleeve blouse with no designs at all. But today women love to wear sleeveless blouse with stylish and designer saris. For wedding occasions, designer wedding sarees also have been come into the market. Nowadays fashion designers in India are working hard to bring range of Indian wedding & bridal sarees in Indian market.

But wearing designer saris are also an art. If woman do not wear a saree in right way, she can be look like funny in spite of looking beautiful. So wearing a sari in right way and right style is also very important.

A sari can be put on in various ways & styles – each region in India has its own distinct style of wrapping a sari and this is what makes the sari appealing attire! This article mainly emphasizes on weary a designer saree in right way – right style. Here is guide to drape a designer saree by which a woman can wear saris in right way and look more gorgeous than she is. In draping a sari few steps are involved. These steps are:

1. Wrapping around Body
Select a Designer Saree of your choice. Starting at the belly button (Navel), tuck the plain end of the sari into the petticoat and wrap the sari around your waist from one side over the petticoat till you take a complete turn. According to your height preferences adjust the lower end to the sari. It is ideal to wear footwear while draping a sari to the right length.

2. Making Pleats
Make clean pleats with the saris in the front (about 6 to 10 pleats) depending on the length of pallu or palla. Hold them together and tuck pleats into the petticoat fairly to the left of belly button or navel.

3. Making Pallu or Palla
After making pleats in front, drape the saree on your shoulder from back to front (Sidhi Palla) or front to back (Ulti Palla). Women of younger generation love to drape sari as Ulti Palla. But it is advisable to wear Indian wedding sarees or Designer Bridal Sarees as Sidhi Palla because Sidhi Palla shows the designs of the pallu. While making pallu, also create pleats on the shoulder. It is tendency to pallu that it often falls off. So to prevent it falling off, you should not forget to pin them with your blouse on the shoulder.

These steps are applied in wearing saris in Nivi Style. Nivi style is the most common style adopted by majority of women in India. These three steps can be very helpful to women who are draping designer saree first time. Some different styles to wear the saris are Bengali style, Gujarati style, Maharashtra style, Gond style, etc.

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