Full Figured Swim Wear

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If supportive full figure lingerie is a necessity, good support in full figured swimwear is even more vital. Not only will the right cut, fabric and support give you the shape you want, but it will ensure that there are no embarrassing "escapes" while you are swimming or playing on the beach. While thinner women can get away with barely-there bikinis, most BBW prefer the security of a little more coverage on the beach or in the pool.

Full Figured Swim Wear Design

In addition, full figured swim wear is often expertly designed to play down problem areas, and enhance our better points. A swimsuit with a skirt for example, is very popular with plus size women as it can minimize large hips and tummy and cover cellulite at the top of the legs. If your problem is a large bust, don't go for a suit that has a fussy style at the top. Something plain is going to be more successful.

If possible it is better to pick your full figured swim wear from a collection designed by people who specialize in this area. Swim wear that has simply been sized up for the occasion is highly unlikely to be a good fit, and neither will it provide the support you probably need. You will benefit from the superior styling of specially designed swimwear too.

Whether you choose a one piece or a two piece, full figured swim wear is available in many comprehensive collections now. You're sure to find the color, style and fit that you need. But do make sure that the fabric you're being offered is going to go the distance with you. Look for fabric that won't fade or rot in the sun or the pool, and that has a proportion of Spandex or Lycra for better looks.

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