G String Bathing Suits

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Thong panties are becoming more and more popular for women of all ages to wear as undergarments. They are surprisingly comfortable and all but eliminate the dreaded panty line. Likewise, thong bathing suits are becoming more popular as well. Like their panty counterparts, thong bathing suits are comfortable and they minimize tan lines. The most severe of the thong bathing suits are the G-string suits. G-strings are also known as "dental floss" suits because the bottom consists of no more than a piece of string that disappears into the fold of the buttocks.

Where to Wear a G-string Bathing Suit

There are two kinds of G-string bathing suits available in the market. There are two-piece ones and one-piece ones. G-string bottoms are most commonly found on two-piece bikinis.

While G-string suits are popular in the adult entertainment industry of this country, they have not really caught on among the beachgoers. This country may yet be a little too conservative for such a hot suit to be worn in public. However, in various European and South American countries, G-string suits are all the rage.

So, if you are planning a trip abroad and want to make an impact at the beach, a G-string suit is the only way to go. You should, however, remember that nothing is left to the imagination in a G-string so you should have great confidence in your body. Of course very few people think they have a perfect body, but if you have confidence you can pull anything off.

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