Gauze Bikinis

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Most bikinis are made from some type of lycra or another material that does well in the water, but there are other options. The gauze bikini is becoming increasing popular and the material is what makes it special. The gauze material is light and airy and almost feels like it isn't really there. These bikinis are incredibly comfortable and feel almost like a second skin.

Gauze Bikinis Are a Great Alternative to Lycra

Even though going to the beach is associated with swimming, a lot of people go to the beach just to tan, socialize and be seen. In such a case, the gauze bikinis are a great choice. Lycra bikinis, though great for the water, can be hot in the sun. People who wear lycra bikinis while tanning often complain that they cause them to sweat. That is not the case with gauze swim wear because the material breathes so well.

Gauze bikinis are not, however, made for the water. In order to maintain the airiness of the fabric these suits are usually either only minimally lined or unlined. Consequently, these suits are see-through when wet. Although this may be a sexy bonus in the privacy of your own home, on the beach it can be a major embarrassment, or even a misdemeanor.

Gauze bikinis are typically string bikinis that have adjustable ties on the tops and the bottoms. This allows them to be fit as if custom to each person's body. For those who want to cover up a little when walking down the beach or around the pool, gauze sarongs, shirts and shorts can be found to match.

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