High Fashion Clothing

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Shifting Sands of the Fashion World

There have been some changes lately in the high fashion clothing industry. Up until just a few years ago, the leaders of the US and European fashion houses ruled unchallenged. If anyone ever even came close to challenging them, it was through pirating their designs on a big scale. Brazilian fashion designers were among those pirates.

They purloined high fashion clothing designs with impunity, and sometimes without even bothering to cover their tracks. There have been changes. Now, dozens of bright young Brazilian fashion designers are taking the high fashion clothing market by storm. Competitive prices coupled with meltingly effective design across the board has meant that customers just can't get enough of Brazilian fashion.

Brazilian High Fashion Clothing

Whether it's the outrageously sensuous Brazilian low rise jeans in the new slinky fabrics and hot colors, or a barely-there Brazilian bikini that's guaranteed to turn heads, Brazilian high fashion clothing, it seems, is definitely here to stay. If you doubt that, then just take a good look around you at celebrity fashion styles. Wherever you see them, celebrities going for Brazilian in a big way.

What celebrities do, the public tends to do too. We're facing up to the fact that Brazilian high fashion clothing is now a big part of the fashion industry here in the US. Brazil can no longer be regarded as the country that gave us coffee and the Latin beat. We now look to them for fashion trends too!

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