Metallic Swim Wear

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Nobody buys sexy swim wear for the practicality, they buy it to look hot and to get the attention they probably deserve. With that in mind, metallic swim wear is hot and it will definitely attract attention. There is something edgy and daring about the metallic material used in these ultra hot swimsuits. The texture and the sheen almost call out to be touched. You want to know what the material feels like. Is it hard or soft? Is it smooth or rough? Let's face it, anything that invites touch is sexy.

Metallic Swim wear is Edgy and Hot

The material used in metallic swimsuits is a lycra lamé. It is designed to fit tightly over the curves of a woman's body so that it shines in the light. The material in and of itself is eye-catching, but when it is fashioned into an itty bitty bikini, it is a show stopper.

A variety of styles of bikini are available in metallic fabric, but the most popular are the metallic micro bikinis. They come in a wide assortment of colors including red, gold, blue, silver, purple, turquoise and more. The illusion created by the metallic material is such that it appears as if the suit is painted on instead of worn.

There are also a number of metallic one-piece suits available. These can often seem more risqué than their two-piece counterparts. For example, there is the metallic sideless G-string style of a one-piece. A woman wearing this suit looks as if a thin "V" were painted strategically on her front in metallic paint, and there is only a G-string running the length of her back. This would be a super hot suit in any fabric, but the metal look makes it that much more raunchy.

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