Mini Micro Bikini Thongs

Written by Christa Gatewood
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If you have ever heard the shocked exclamation, "She might as well be wearing nothing at all," and wished they were talking about you, the mini micro bikini is the answer. These bikinis are as close to naked as one can get. In fact, there are those who would argue you are naked wearing this suit. Consequently, you will not see these suits on any beach in this country but a nudist beach.

Mini micro bikinis have thong bottoms and tiny triangle string tops. The bottoms are so tiny that they barely if even cover the genitalia. The triangle tops are no wider than the average nipple. These are the smallest suits on the market and are only for the most daring women among us.

Mini Micro Bikini Thongs Are Perfect for the Tanning Salon

While these suits are far from suitable to wear to the beach, they do have a practical usage. Some people who go to tanning salons are a little squeamish about lying in the tanning bed naked. They want to wear a swimsuit, but they don't want to have hideous tan lines as a result. This teeny weenie suit will cover you up in all the right places without you worrying about tan lines.

You can put on any suit after tanning in a mini micro bikini. The tiny little area that does not tan beneath the mini micro suit will be covered by any traditional suit. You can just keep the mini micro in your tanning bag and use it every time you go. Nothing could be easier.

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