Minimal Swim Wear

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Wearing minimal swim wear can be a fun and invigorating departure from our ordinary lives. Everyday we walk around covered in clothing. Of course that is the right and appropriate thing to do. There are those times, however, when being nearly naked yet socially acceptable is a freeing experience.

There are a few places where you can experience the liberation of near nudity. Two of those places are at the beach and the pool. Where else can you walk around outdoors in front of a bunch of people in the equivalent of your underwear? What's more, everyone else is doing it too and it is perfectly accepted. These are some of the only times when most of us can feel free from the restrictions of clothing like little toddlers streaking across the backyard. The smaller the swim wear, the more free you feel.

There is Great Variety in Minimal Swim wear

There is such variety of swim wear available these days that everyone is sure to find something for them. For those looking for less coverage, there is also great variety. You could choose a micro bikini or a one-piece thong for the near naked look. You could also choose a more modest Brazilian bottom bikini with a traditional string top. Whatever level of coverage you desire, there is a wide selection of corresponding swimsuits.

There are also a lot of options for color and print in the world of minimal swim wear. Vibrant colors are becoming increasingly popular as they add to the eye-catching quality. The same is true for the various prints available. One thing's for sure, you garnish a lot of attention in one of these suits.

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