Written by Patricia Skinner
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Moleton is Surprising

If you've never heard of moleton before you're in for a surprise. It's one of the most sensuous clothing fabrics around today. It's new, of course, and has properties that have only been achieved as textile technology has advanced in the past few years. So, let's tell you a little bit about moleton and its many uses.

To begin with, moleton is soft. So soft it can hardly be described. Then, it's stretchy and so great for many of today's fashion items. The combination of softness and stretchiness has made it the perfect choice for many of the Brazilian clothing trade's hot new numbers. Moleton is particularly great for jeans. Today's customers want their jeans so tight they look as if they're molded on them, and moleton, like the other jeans favorite, Spandex, is the perfect choice.

Keeping Shape with Moleton

Stretch is an important quality for today's designers as it not only molds itself to the body in a way that is important to today's fashion, but it makes garments perfect for any kind of activity. The stretch quality means that clothes stay looking nicer for longer because they keep their shape and don't become baggy and overstretched. Moleton has these valuable fashion properties and much more besides.

Soft, slinky sensuality is moleton's chief attraction. Its sexy properties make it the perfect choice for many high fashion garments. Whether you're a designer, clothing manufacturer, wholesaler retailer or just a customer, you should get to know moleton. It's quite simply THE new fabric and everyone loves it.

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