One Inch Zipper

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Lowest Rise of All!

The length of the zipper is the new measure for how sexy your jeans are. The super low rise jeans now on the market have gone as far as to use only a one inch zipper! This means there is practically no rise to the jeans at all. Can't beat that folks.

So if you want low rise jeans the stars are wearing, you gotta look for that one inch zipper. We'll give you a head start in your search by telling you that the Brazilian jeans manufacturers have been doing it longer, and lower than anyone else. Simply, there is nothing hotter than Brazilian low rise jeans!

Low Rise and the One Inch Zipper

If you're intent on being at the forefront of this hot new jeans fashion, then you simply have to inspect the zipper on any pair of pants you buy. If it's anything longer than a one inch zipper, then you know those jeans gotta go! We're telling you that to find that one inch zipper, you have to look at Brazilian pants and jeans.

As usual, Brazil was the first to use this hot jeans feature and they've been leading the field since the craze began. You can find sexy Brazilian low rise and super low rise jeans with that great one inch zipper right online. You can choose the styles and the fabrics you love, and then you can order right online. In only a matter of hours, your low rise jeans will be safely on their way to your front door!

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