One Piece Micro Swimsuits

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When people think of sexy swim wear they first think of bikinis, but one-piece swim wear can be equally sexy if not more. Sexy one-piece micro swimsuits have uniquely creative designs and are extremely eye-catching. Many times they have no more material than a skimpy bikini, it is just engineered in a different way.

One-piece suits are great for sexy swimsuit competitions because it will make the wearer stand out in the crowd. In those competitions, beautiful, hot girls are a dime a dozen. Besides, they are usually all wearing some kind of two-piece bikini. The effect is that they start to blend into one anther. Anyone wearing a skimpy one-piece is sure to attract the attention of the judges and onlookers.

Types of One Piece Micro Swimsuits

There are several different popular styles of skimpy one-piece suits. There are the traditional modest swimsuits that have coverage on the behind and may either be low cut or have the sides or other panels removed. These will show more skin than the average one-piece, and they are very sexy yet not outlandish. The next step up in raunchiness is the one-piece thong suit. These range from the simple and functional tank suit to the hotter, less functional sideless G-string.

Definitely the most risqué one-piece on the market is the cupless and crotchless one-piece. This suit is only for show and will most likely be limited to adult clubs and private homes. In this suit the breasts and the genitalia are fully exposed. You won't see that at the PTA!

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