Plus Size Jeans

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Whatever size you are, plus size jeans can be a wonderful wardrobe basic. You can dress them up or down as you please, and they can look stunning with a pair of high heels and a glamorous top. Of course a great plus is that jeans are very fashionable right now.

Plus Size Jeans For a Capsule Wardrobe

Jeans are perfect as an item for a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is the concept of having a set of basic clothing items in a particular color scheme, that form your basic wardrobe and can be added to. This is a way of saving money and planning for a versatile wardrobe that will take you anywhere. You should make sure every item in your capsule wardrobe matches or coordinates with at least three other items in your wardrobe. Of course jeans are perfect because they go with virtually anything.

A capsule wardrobe is especially useful for larger ladies as it can make the process of finding separates that match much easier. There is a great range of plus size jeans available, and you can get just about any style you want if you look for it. But one style you may want to stay away from is cropped jeans, particularly if you are a petite plus size, as they tend to create a horizontal effect. Full length plus size jeans are much more slimming.

A tip for choosing plus size jeans is to stay away from jeans that are very tight at the ankles. You want to create a balanced silhouette and anything out of proportion like this won't help create the right effect at all. Drawing attention away form your problems areas should be the goal. If you have large hips or a large rear, try to avoid plus size jeans with a lot of horizontal detailing, such as heavy seems across the back. Less obvious seems will help you create a slimmer effect.

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