See Through Swim Wear

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are some swimsuits that look great on the beach, but are not intended to touch the water. In the water, some swim wear can become see-through. White swimsuits, mesh swimsuits, crocheted swimsuits, and gauze swimsuits will all become see-though in water. These suits may be very good for tanning purposes, just not to swim in.

Types of See-Through Swim Wear

See-through swim wear can be either one-piece suits or two-piece suits. One-piece swim wear may either have see-through parts or be entirely see-through. Some one-pieces are designed with see-through patches on the stomach, back or sides to mimic more risqué swim wear while still providing some coverage. Other one-pieces are made entirely from some see-through material. These suits are typically not appropriate for the public beach or the pool, but they are perfect for adding a little spice to the bedroom.

Two-piece swimsuits that are see-through in the water may still be great for sunbathing or hanging out on the beach. Gauze suits become see-through in water, but the material is incredibly comfortable and breathes well. For those reasons, gauze suits are great to sunbathe in since you will not perspire as much as in a nylon or lycra suit. You may just want to stay out of the water.

Two-piece swim wear that is intentionally see-through due to the material used is probably not for swimming or sunbathing. Suits like these are simply for seduction purposes. Typically their style, material and color all scream one thing--sex. One thing's for sure, the message gets out loud and clear.

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