Sexy Bathing Suits

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When looking for a bathing suit, most women are concerned with making their bodies look the best that they can. Wearing swim wear is usually the only time when people's bodies are that exposed to the public. For that reason, finding a swimsuit you are happy with is often a stressful endeavor. Women across the board tend to dread shopping for swim wear and put it off to the very last minute.

Buying a Sexy Bathing Suit Can Be Fun

There are a few things that can help make the whole experience better. First of all, don't let your body go to pot during the winter months. Wearing heaving cold weather clothes tends to make us lose sight of the body underneath. We figure that if no one else can see it, why bother. Well, let next summer be your inspiration. Imagine how great it would feel at the beginning of the season to try on a bathing suit and not groan.

Secondly, get a tan body before buying the suit. No swimsuit looks its best on a pale body. You don't have to go to a tanning salon to do this if you are worried about the harmful UV rays. You can "fake bake" with a self tanner very easily. In fact, self-tanners are becoming so great that it's hard to tell a real tan from a fake one.

Finally, put on your best and most fearless sex kitten attitude. Attitude is everything. It has often been said, but it bears repeating. If you pick out a suit that makes you feel sexy then whenever you wear it you will be sexy.

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