Sideless Bikinis

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Wearing a sideless bikini is perhaps the most naked you can be while wearing clothes. These suits are really only strategically placed wisps of fabric loosely held together by a string. If it's shock value you are looking for, look no further. These suits put the "H," the "O" and the "T" in hot.

All sideless swim wear are G-strings. Typically the construction of the suit is as follows. There is a thin "V" of fabric in the front of the suit. How thin the "V" is depends on how risqué the suit is. The fabric covers the crotch and the part of the breast before meeting behind the neck. From the neck all the way through the legs there is a G-String. For the most part the entire back is exposed as is a significant portion of the front.

Variations on Sideless Bikinis

There are a few popular variations on the sideless bikini. One of the most interesting ones is the two-piece micro bikini with "G" suspender. This is a traditional micro bikini but instead of the usual G-string bottom, the bottom has shoulder-length suspenders. The suspenders go over the shoulders and down the back. The effect is a sideless two-piece bikini.

Another variation on the sideless swimsuit uses one thin panel to unify the top and the bottom of the suit. This is sometimes called the star suit. The panel passes down the middle of the stomach through the crotch and up the back. The sides of the suit are completely out which makes for a very sexy silhouette.

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