Super Low Rise

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Super Low Rise is Hot

Three words describe the most desirable jeans around today: super low rise! If you're buying jeans that don't conform to this description then you're missing the opportunity to keep your style cutting edge. We'll add a little advice here; only buy Brazilian super low rise jeans, because quite simply, the Brazilians have a distinct edge when it comes to sexy styling.

Don't know if it's all that Latin blood pumping around in their veins, or perhaps all that sunshine, but the new generation of Brazilian fashion designers have definitely scored a big hit with their fashions, and at the top of the pile is the super low rise jeans style. If you need to know whether you're getting the super low rise or a lesser imitation, look for the low rise status symbol!

The One Inch Zipper and Super Low Rise

If the company mentions that their jeans have a one inch zipper, then you're on to something. This signifies that the pants you are about to buy are as low rise as it's possible to get! There is no more super low rise than the one inch zipper! Any lower than that and you simply would not have pants!

If you're looking for something to go with your new super low rise pants, try something short and stretchy. Again, any store that sells the super low rise Brazilian pants will probably have a range of superb tops to go with them too. You can find everything your looking for right here online in a Brazilian clothing store. Why wait any longer to get the look celebrities are wearing?

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