Written by Christa Gatewood
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The unikini is a unique combination of bikini and one-piece swimsuit. It is constructed in such a way that the two pieces of the bikini are joined together by one or more strips of material. In some cases there are cutouts in the suit to expose more skin, and in some cases there are additional panels to cover up more skin. Even though it is a one-piece it is as revealing and sexy as a bikini.

The Appeal of the Unikini

Unikinis are becoming popular because they are such a departure from the run of the mill bathing suit. No one wants to look like everyone else when they go to the beach. You want to show some uniqueness and some flair. That is exactly what the unikini does.

Unikinis are available in a variety of different prints and colors. One of the most popular styles of unikini is the metallic look. This type of material is so smooth and edgy that it looks like the body is poured into the suit. Unikinis are also often made in patterned material. The intricate designs of unikinis complement the intricacies of the pattern. These suits are particularly attention grabbing as they are so different from what everyone else is wearing.

One thing to note, however, about unikinis is that they will leave a very bizarre tanning pattern. Therefore, you should definitely wear a strong sunscreen when wearing a unikini. Everyone knows how hard it is to fix a bad tan once it appears.

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