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Nurse Uniforms

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Gone are the days of starched nurses' hats secured with bobby pins and white dresses. Nursing uniforms used to come in white, white, or white--leaving little room for creativity or self-expression in favor of a sterile appearance. Nowadays, nurses can choose from dresses, pants, and scrubs sets in a variety of styles and fashions.

Comfort has become the main concern of nursing uniform designers, as they are always searching for new ideas to offer uniforms with the maximum amount of ease and durability possible. With long hours spent standing, a nurse needs to feel relaxed at work. If a nurse feels uneasy, this will add a tremendous amount of unwanted pressure, and may affect a nurse's performance.

Many nursing uniforms are made of polyblended fabric, consisting of a combination of polyester and cotton. Today's nursing uniforms are not closely fitted as those of yesteryear were; in fact, mobility is one of the factors in design. As for the prints, nurses can now choose from a variety of colors, prints, and styles--from traditional to modern looks, sporting cute to trendy patterns.

Additionally, ease of use is another aspect that has factored in to the design of today's nursing uniforms. Uniforms that can be easily washed and tumble dried have become the standard. Quick changes are also kept in mind, with easy fasteners using fabric ties, snaps, elastic, and even velcro.

Choosing the Right Nursing Uniforms

To choose a good nursing uniform, several points should be taken into consideration. The kind of fabric used is definitely one of the most important issues--not all fabrics have the same sweat-absorbing capabilities. Soft fabrics are more likely to be preferred, simply because they prevent the skin from itching. Also, unlimited mobility is another pressing concern. If a nurse's movement is restricted in any way, this can lead to serious consequences.

Some designers try to apply psychology to come up with even better nursing uniforms. Since colors affect people in many ways, designers choose bright colors to help elevate nurses' moods. Bright colors also help patients, as applying happy colors everywhere possible--including uniforms--may help stimulate the healing process.

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