Brochure Printing

Written by Amy Hall
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Brochure printing can take anywhere from four days up to a full week to complete, depending on the complexity of the brochure design. Online retailers can make brochures using embossing, full-color, raised-printing, and/or foil engraving. The length of time a project takes depends upon how intricate and detailed you want the final product to be.

Keep in mind that brochure printing will tend to be more costly with very complex jobs. If you want a brochure with multiple folds, color printing on both sides of the paper, and some embossing, it will likely take longer to complete and therefore cost more. The good news is that if you order brochures online, you can often save a tremendous amount of money because online retailers have lower overhead and no middlemen.

Beautiful Brochure Printing

With the latest brochure printing technology, it is actually possible to get a work of art for a reasonable price. If you are looking to impress your clients, than you can without breaking the bank. Design features such as downloadable templates make it possible for you to design your brochure from home, and than electronically transfer it to a retailer for printing.

Different retailers use various presses for printing. The best brochures are often completed using 6-Color Kamori presses or 6-Color Heidelberg offset presses. Always ask how your brochure will be printed before placing an order. In fact, you might want to find out if you can get a free sample before you actually place an order upfront.

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