Business Card Ideas

Written by Linda Alexander
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Are you searching for some great business card ideas? Most businesspeople have printed business cards, but the majority of them do not use the cards to their fullest potential. Business cards are there to do your selling when you cannot be present. Use them as effectively as you can.

Business Card Ideas: How to Get the Most out of Business Cards

Different business card ideas include using your cards the most effective ways. First, you must hand out your cards! They are useless sitting in your drawer or on a shelf--how can they work for you if people do not have them? Make excuses to give them out. If somebody needs your home address or telephone number, for example, write it on the back of your business card and give it to them.

Other business card ideas deal with using your cards in unusual ways. For example, have you thought of using them as address labels or price tags? You can also punch a hole in a card and string some ribbon through it, then attach it to a gift basket or other item you are giving away. The recipient will know who it's from, and so will anybody else who sees it.

Your business card is a small piece of real estate that can have a huge impact on your business. Print them on both sides and be sure to include many ways people can contact you. You could also print on both sides of the cards, so you have more room to express yourself. Share your marketing message and make it clear to people what your company does and how you can help prospects and customers.

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