Business Card Layouts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Business card layouts can be vertical or horizontal, one sided or two-sided, or even oversized. The basics of good design should apply to business cards, even when you are designing them yourself. Here are some tips for the best business card layouts.

Designing Business Card Layouts

Use your company colors on your business cards--either on the ink, the background, or both. Black and white cards are boring and dull, and do not make much of an impression on anyone. However, your ink colors and backgrounds should have enough contrast so you can easily read the information on the cards.

Without cluttering your business card layouts, do include as much contact information as you like. If you have more than one address, this is the exception to that rule--choose one address to print on the card. Otherwise people will get confused. Phone numbers, fax numbers, pagers and cell phones, however, can all be listed if there is enough room in your design.

When designing your layout, remember the back of your business card as well. It's valuable space that can be used to convey a marketing message, to print important phone numbers or reference information for your customers, or to print a schedule, calendar, or map to your location. Give your customers a reason to keep your card in their wallets, and they will soon be calling you with orders.

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