Business Card Printing

Written by Linda Alexander
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Anybody who owns a business will eventually need business card printing services. Depending on your budget, design, and personal preferences, you can use different forms of printing. A lot of cards are designed to be black text on a white card, so a full color card will really stand out from the crowd.

There are also options for raised ink and embossing, as well as shaped business cards using die cuts. You can choose from thousands of combinations of papers, ink colors, lettering, and styles for your business card printing. A graphic designer can create a custom logo for you to use on your cards as well as all of your marketing materials. Or, you could go with something more generic.

Cost-Effective Ideas for Business Card Printing

If you are printing a large volume of cards, embossing might be cost effective. It looks classy and is not as expensive as foil stamping, which requires a die for the stamp. Speaking of die cuts, if you are looking for a unique shape for your business card, consider a die cut card. It's a unique twist on standard business card printing.

Your card will stand out from others because of its different size and shape. If your budget won't allow for that, consider printing business card magnets, which are more likely to be kept than thrown away. The object is to get people to hold on to your card and contact you when they need your services.

While you will want to make your cards unique, there is some standard information that should be included in your business card printing design. Since cards are primarily used to convey contact information, they should state your name and title, company affiliation, address, phone number and web site address. You could also add a fax number, cell phone or pager number, and email address. Give prospects as many ways to contact you as you can without cluttering up the card with too much text.

Business Card Printing with Photos

People in industries where their looks are important, or people in businesses where selling their personalities is key, would do well to put their photos on their cards. Having your headshot printed on your business card helps people remember you better. Seeing your smile on the card reminds prospects that you are there to help them. It sends a message that you are friendly and approachable. Models and actors, real estate agents and consultants all put their photos on their business cards.

Folded business cards provide twice the amount of space as regular cards, and folded business card printing is not much more costly than regular-sized cards. You could use one half for contact information and the other half as a mini-brochure on which to advertise your products and services. Or, you could perforate the card and use the second half as a coupon or survey to be returned to you.

Any printer can help you with your business card printing needs. With so many printers now offering their services online, it has become easier than ever to get things printed. You no longer need to wait for your print broker to do all the work for you. Online, you can just upload your business card design, or have one created for you, and the cards will be shipped to you in a matter of days.

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