Personal Business Cards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Personal business cards are a growing trend that actually started hundreds of years ago. Originally called "visiting" or "calling" cards, these used by upper class people to announce their arrival to their hosts. It also served as a log of who visited someone, so people knew to whom they should respond or thank.

Modern Use of Personal Business Cards

Today, personal business cards are used to convey contact information, much like a business card. The difference is that there is no business information on them, and they are for social use. You can use them as a networking tool when you are searching for a job. You can use them to inform people of your change of address. Or, you can exchange them when you need to reference your address to someone.

Another use for personal business cards is safety. Parents often give them to their children in case they are lost. For babysitters, they can be a quick reference to important phone numbers of doctors or to parents' cell phones. They are also just plain fun--use them to express yourself or show off your hobbies and interests.

When you need to give out your phone number to somebody, personal cards really come in handy. You will no longer have to search for a scrap of paper and pen to jot it down. Instead you can give one of your colorful, fun cards to someone and they will have the contact information you want to share.

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