Post Card Designs

Written by Amy Hall
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Post card designs are varied, which is a great thing as people have very different tastes. The last thing you want is for your post cards to look like replicas of post cards belonging to others. When you want to stand out in the world of business, regardless of what you are selling, the manner in which you advertise yourself is extremely important.

Therefore, your post card designs should be attention-grabbing, in a good way. If they are cheap and flimsy, they will also grab your clients' attention, but not in the way that you had hoped. Sometimes handing out poor quality business cards, flyers, or post cards is worse than not having anything to hand out to your customers.

Have a Ball with Post Card Designs

Basically, the sky is the limit with post card designs, which is great news if you feel like flexing your creative muscles. Depending upon the type of business you are running, you will want to design your post card accordingly. If you are a doctor in an oncology office, the chances are you want to keep your design rather subdued yet elegant.

However, if you are disc jockey for weddings and parties, you can go all-out and design your post cards to be a bit on the wild side. There are numerous colors and graphics to choose from, so have fun from start to finish with the entire design process. The point is to try to infuse your own unique personality and character into your post cards so that your customers can get a good feel for what you sell and who you are.

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I dont really know what you mean by puittng a message on the videoYou mean like words going over the screen while it plays?Hmmm,Cant really help you there but I mean why do you need that if you can send an ecard that is awesome as is and have a message underneath?