Unique Business Cards

Written by Linda Alexander
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Technological advances have led to the production of some truly unique business cards. If you can think of a material, you can probably print on it these days. Companies print their business cards on such unusual materials as wood, fiberglass, Corian, Lexan, wood veneers, aluminum, plastic, glass, and even chocolate. Standing out from the crowd is obviously important to companies like these.

Materials have their limits, however. Unique business cards can get very expensive, but if you have the budget and want to make a good impression, why not? You could die cut your business cards into unusual shapes that represent your industry also. You are only limited by your own creativity.

To print unique business cards, you don't have to print on uncommon (for business cards) materials. You can still print on paper and have an impressive card. Double-sided cards, folded cards, and mini-brochures on cardstock are all ways to make your cards stand out. You can also print oversized cards or cut them to fit in card files, but many people find these to be a nuisance because they are not the same size as other cards in their files.

Custom-made Unique Business Cards

Having a custom-tailored card designed specifically for your or your company is another way to make your cards noticeable. As long as you convey a unique marketing message with your business cards, people will take notice. After all, the people who need your products and services are the ones you are trying to impress.

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