Written by Rachel Arieff
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Budgeting is one of the trickiest areas of running a business. This is where businesses are forced to ask themselves the hard but necessary questions. Chief among them are these two: 1) What really are my costs, and 2) What really are the revenues that the business is bringing in?

Budgeting is invariably entwined with the issue of costs. Every business costs money to run. The hard part is striking that magical balance between what it takes to run your business, and the revenue your business actually brings in.

The Number One Budgeting Question for Any Business

The big question is always this: Is your business bringing in enough revenue to not only pay for the costs of running the business, but also turn a profit? If the answer isn't yes, then you have serious budget issues that are keeping your business from becoming a success.

Does your business have budgeting issues that need to be resolved? First of all, know that, for heaven's sake, you're not alone! This is a common problem for every type of company, which is why so many of them are hiring business consulting services to help them with strategic planning that includes these crucial budget issues.

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