Business Consultant Depot

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Business Consultant Depot

Holding down costs is a major aspect of any business operation. In challenging economic times, the capacity to control costs without doing damage to the operation may tax the resources and abilities of managers. Often, consultants are the first to be let go, yet the insight and perspective they bring to an organization are invaluable.

How, then, to control costs and still obtain the expertise and contributions of the consultant? Outsourcing of activities and services common to running cities and states is familiar. Now, this cost-efficient method is increasingly applied to finding consultants in business, science, and technology.

Consultant Procurement

Traditionally, a manager relied on personal contacts and networking to get a lead on a possible consultant. Under a deadline, the manager might come up with only one candidate. The candidate's background, training, credentials, or fit for the specific project or problem might only be given cursory examination.

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Web, consultant e-procurement offers significant advantages over the catch-as-catch-can approach. Companies that offer consultant/expert procurement services via the Web are not limited by geography. Their reach is global.

Spectrum of Expert Assistance

Name the field, name the project. Identify the area of needed expertise, whether regulation compliance or marketing strategy or product development. Web companies must have vast databases from which to extract the very experts or consultants who can address the client's concerns.

The best Web companies do not simply supply a name, but offer several excellent candidates from which to choose. With the client's specified requirements in mind, need and consultants are matched. The client business then has the opportunity to select the expert who best fits the project, or who best fits in with the company's team.

Comprehensive Information at Business Consultant Depot

Matching an expert/consultant and a business client is no small feat. Above all, the procuring company must have an extensive, global database of experts from academia, business, science, and technology. Second, the company should have a delivery system that is immediate, selective, and specific.

Obviously, the consultant procuring company would maintain detailed histories of experts in their database. A notation that a particular candidate is a medical devices consultant is neither sufficient nor helpful. Is this person a forensic expert? An expert witness who has testified effectively several times? Is this candidate knowledgeable about product development? The best e-procurement companies have efficient and specific candidate delivery systems.

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