Direct Marketing Consultants

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Direct Marketing Consultants Advise on Effective Methods

Direct marketing consultants are experts in the very effective area of reaching consumers directly with advertising or offers. Consulting services can provide experts who advise on the relative impact of various kinds of direct marketing. Direct marketing material most frequently reaches consumers at home through the mail.

Catalogs, advertisements, letters, credit and loan offers--all arrive directly to the consumer from the company. Shopping, selection, and ordering are done from home. Retail shopping involves traveling to a department store, for example. Shopping by mail allows the convenience of ordering from home.

Selecting the Best Method

Direct marketing consultants consider the type of business and the type of customer the business wants to reach. For example, a company that makes sports clothing might be advised to rent the mailing lists of subscribers to sports magazines. Marketing consulting reveals the many sources of names and addresses of potential customers: phone books, magazine subscriber lists, financial institutions, public records.

To be cost-efficient, the people on a list used by the specific direct mailing company should have a common interest. Anyone who owns a home could conceivably receive offers from any number of products: small appliances, dishes, cookware, furniture, paint, remodeling companies. Aside from the mail, popular avenues to reach customers involve computers for email, and the telephone.

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