Employee Retention Programs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Employee retention programs are a core piece of LMS solutions, which strive to make the workplace more productive and rewarding for all parties involved. The makers of LMS programs rightly predict that employees who find the most job satisfaction are the ones least likely to change jobs. There are several ways that bosses can help build such employee satisfaction and thus raise their likelihood of retaining their best workers.

The first step is to clearly define the goals and requirements of every job in your shop, office, or plant. A formal job description may exist somewhere on disc or in a folder nestled away in some filing cabinet, and it's high time such documents were disinterred and dusted off. If you work in a highly technical field in particular, odds are that the job descriptions themselves have fundamentally changed in the past 10 years. The first thing to do then is to update these descriptions to make sure that supervisors and subordinates are working toward the same basic goals.

Further Tools of Employee Retention Programs

Another pillar of employee retention programs is job growth and education, which encompass two different but related phenomena. Job growth means that employees evolve and, ideally, take more proactive roles in their positions. After all, employees who feel as though they're working toward something, say a promotion, or perhaps just greater job responsibility, are far more likely to stay put.

Worker education is also central to all employee retention programs for a couple of reasons. First, an employee who continues to learn far after he or she has been hired tends to take a more vested interest in his or her position because it interests that person. Second, the more specialized his or her skills and knowledge become, the more valuable that worker is to the company. Both scenarios are ideal for owners and for managers looking to keep their most valuable assets within their corporations.

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