Employee Training

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you have literally hundreds of new hires coming aboard your corporate ship each year, your employee training program must be well organized and streamlined. This is doubly the case if your latest crop of talent is spread across the map as is now commonly the case in the global economy. Your first step is to ensure that all trainees get the same quality of training regardless of where they are and to whom they are reporting.

To that end, a learning management system can provide huge rewards to managers at the upper levels of the corporate hierarchy. These solutions can allow supervisors to check in on their employees' progress through their manuals and even review quiz and test scores. This not only helps supervisors identify potential problem areas before they can fully develop, but also tips them off to possible weaknesses in the course materials themselves.

Supervising Your Employee Training

Supervising employee training also means conducting oneself with discretion. That means you'll need some form of password or registration system to keep prying eyes off your hires' tests and quizzes. Ultimately, if you give your staff reason to trust you by offering them (and then delivering on) the promise of confidentiality, they'll be more likely to come to you when there's a serious problem.

Using a learning management system also allows you to set up a two-way channel through which you and your trainees may communicate. Sending periodic e-mails back and forth helps ensure that you and your workers stay on top of lessons, be they in equipment use, safety protocols, customer service, or delivery guidelines. If you want, you can also design your LMS to present all workers with an open community forum in which to exchange ideas and questions about their employee training materials, a move that also helps build morale and friendships.

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