Employee Training Programs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Employee training programs may be used to track the work of new hires as they learn a multitude of skills. Through such programs, employers can ensure that their workers have achieved competency in one area before moving on to the next. Oftentimes, training materials are cumulative and therefore draw on previous lessons in conveying new ones.

What sort of things are employee training programs designed to teach? In industrial plants, they may offer tutorials on EPA or OSHA guidelines, both of which are strictly enforced for the benefit of both the environment and of individual employees. They may also offer training on materials safety data sheets, which are required in any office or shop in which hazardous materials are present.

Other Dimensions of Employee Training Programs

In clerical and office environments, it's less likely that employee training programs will focus on the safe handling, storage, and use of chemical compounds. More likely, these programs will emphasize administrative duties such as opening work orders, coordinating them with traffic or accounting departments, and overseeing proper shipment and delivery. In service-oriented businesses, employee training programs stress the importance of things like customer relations management (CRM), an integral part of any client-based operation.

Best of all, training programs may be customized to the specific needs of a given business. Perhaps you deal with an unorthodox product or service that doesn't conform to standard inventory, fulfillment, or shipping methods. On the other hand, maybe your product requires highly specialized training methods that aren't common in other disciplines. Whatever the case may be, an outstanding program designer will tailor your software solutions to fit.

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