Employee Training Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are several obvious advantages conferred by the use of employee training software such as lower costs and greater convenience. At the same time, there are also certain hidden advantages that make this software more favorable to employers than in-person training seminars and workshops are. Together, this makes for a compelling sales pitch.

Other more obvious advantages of employee training software include personalization. In essence, each trainee embarks on his or her own private tutorial while growing acquainted with company guidelines and policies as well as specific product and service information. Workers may turn to their training CDs or DVDs at "off" hours, whether that means between clients or projects, or whenever a free moment arises, in order to progress with their lesson plans.

The Hidden Advantages of Employee Training Software

One of the best "fringe" benefits of employee training software is the time and energy it saves you in reviewing your hires' performances. In the days before internet-based or otherwise automated tutorials, it wasn't enough for trainees merely to take tests and quizzes; someone also had to grade those efforts. Nowadays, however, with training software, scores may be evaluated within mere seconds of the end of an examination. Better still, their results may be broken down by sections and sub-sections--whichever you prefer.

Another advantage of training software is that it allows for monitoring along the way. Provided your office's computers are networked, there's no reason why you can't log on and follow your workers' progress from chapter to chapter or simply ensure that they've read the latest company-wide memorandum. Lest you think this constitutes snooping, know that some three quarters of all offices conduct some form of employee surveillance these days, either online or through "traditional" avenues such as cameras.

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