Employee Wellness Programs

Written by Linda Alexander
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Employee wellness programs are a great way for companies to improve employee attendance, increase productivity, and decrease healthcare costs. Anything that is designed to maintain employee health or prevent health problems could be considered employee wellness programs. Even if you have a small company and a tight budget, there are things you can do to have a positive impact on the health of your employees.

Examples of Employee Wellness Programs

For example, offering healthy foods at your building's cafeteria or vending machine gives employees more choices for wellness. You could add bike racks in your parking lot, and provide free health screenings. Many companies allow people to take longer lunch breaks so they may exercise during the work day, and make up the time earlier or later in the day.

Promoting employee wellness programs can have a substantial effect on your company's profits. By promoting health, you will be able to reduce health care costs and improve productivity. Plus, you are giving your employees a happy, healthy place to work, which will strengthen morale and lead to even more productivity. Happy people show up for work every day because they have less stress.

Certain diseases, like cancer, pulmonary, and cardiovascular diseases are related to lifestyle choices. Encouraging your employees to choose healthier behavior has been shown to have a significant effect in reducing these illnesses. Many companies conduct health screenings at the office or bring in speakers to educate workers about health issues. These are all inexpensive ways to keep your employees healthy and happy while reducing your healthcare costs.

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