Engineering Consultants

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Engineering Consultants--A Long History

Engineering has come a long way since the Industrial Revolution. Before then, engineers fell into two categories: military engineers, who built fortifications and catapults, and civil engineers, who built bridges and buildings. Any structure required an engineer to ensure stability and endurance.

With developments in chemistry, technology, electronics, and industry, engineering necessarily expanded to incorporate the science of these fields. Chemical engineering consultants address the design, construction, and operation of machinery for making drugs and plastics. Industrial engineering consultants do not specifically design industrial plants. They develop methods for efficient plant layout, inventory control, and the flow of raw materials through production.

Engineering Consultants Have Many Facets

Electrical engineering consultants are members of the fastest growing segment of engineering. All aspects of electricity are their domain: electronics, power engineering, microwave engineering, digital signal processing. An important subspecialty is computer engineering.

Aeronautical engineering is vital to modern flight and warfare. All branches of engineering are concerned with function--the design, construction, and operation of some kind of structure. The databases of e-procurement companies pull from leaders in each of these fields from around the world.

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