Healthcare Consultants

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Healthcare Consultants and Healthcare Issues

One of the most intractable issues in healthcare is rising medical costs. What are the best solutions? A national health plan? Expanding the managed care system? Increasing government involvement in providing coverage for the uninsured? Healthcare consultants have expertise in dealing with the complex problems in current health care.

Affordability and accessibility are two primary issues in this area. Surprisingly, the fastest growing segment of the uninsured population is those earning over $75,000 a year. Many are too poor to afford medical coverage, but many apparently believe they don't need it. A consultant search by an e-procurement company would develop a list of experts who are conversant with these issues.

Healthcare Consultants and Social Policy

Perhaps no other field is so susceptible to the fundamental beliefs of the populace about poverty, and why some are poor, and the role of government in providing for the general welfare. Who should be covered and why? Should employers provide coverage for employees? If so, how much coverage? Should the government provide medical care for the poor? If so, what is the income cut-off point? What procedures should be covered?

Healthcare consultants must advise organizations on their own internal policies, coverage, and decisions about exclusions and denial of benefits. Policies and procedures of medical insurance groups must conform to state and federal laws. Healthcare consultants can frequently work on an ad hoc basis to help groups ensure their compliance with laws. Such temporary projects or problems can be handled efficiently by a consultant procurement organization.

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