Leadership Styles

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are different leadership styles among business managers. Good leaders use all of them from time to time, depending on the specific dynamics of the situation. For example, some bosses are more authoritarian, while others like the participation of their employees in decision-making. Still others delegate duties to other people and let them decide how to get the work done. They don't care about the details as long as the work gets done.

Examples of Leadership Styles

Depending on the individual situation, good leaders will use different leadership styles. For a new employee just learning the job, a boss might use an authoritarian style. You have to gauge each situation to see if this is an appropriate style for the circumstances.

If your workers know more about a particular job than you do, you might use different leadership styles, like the laissez-faire style. For example, a boss might want to create a team environment where her employees take responsibility for the project and really invest ownership in it. In this instance, even though the boss knows the job, there is enough time available for the team to do it their own way. This frees up time to do other things while the team handles this particular project.

For more information on styles of leadership, look around the web. There is a wealth of leadership information online that will help you choose the appropriate skills and styles to use in your next project. Your employees will thank you for it.

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