Marketing Consultants

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Marketing Consultants Point the Way

Marketing consultants gather information and then analyze it so that viable options are clear. Managers can then make choices based on analysis of the market. A small business owner might realize that by filling a specific niche, the odds for success go way up. A soft drink company, after many taste-test studies, might find that the product is going to be a runaway best seller.

By objectively assembling facts about trends, the competition, and needs in a particular locale, marketing consultants can then allow managers to minimize the risk of committing the business to one course of action. This crucial information also allows advertising consultants to more accurately devise a campaign to present the product or business in the most effective way. Marketing analyses, however, are expensive.

Advantages of Short-Term Experts

What with downsizing and economic fluctuations, businesses need to cut costs. Managers often look first at permanent staff, since personnel salaries are a big chunk of any operating costs. Consultants are often considered more expendable than, say, workers who are more intimately connected to the actual production of goods.

With the increased necessity for non-permanent consultants, marketing consultants are now available for a phone consultation, or one short project. Consultant procurement companies match the needs of the business with the availability and expertise of consultants. The problem or concern is addressed, and the business and consultant both benefit.

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